Air Force Graduation

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You always want to recruit an athlete that will fit into the culture of your program. At Air Force, that goes beyond the locker room and practice. They must realize that they’re doing more than training to be the best athlete they can be. They’re also training to become an officer in the world’s best air force. Air Force wanted to show the importance of that to the recruits.


We’ve seen a few schools do a jersey change to show the transition when they’re going from high school to college. We decided to use that same technique to show one of our cadet-athletes in both their football uniform and the military parade dress uniform.


The finished product came out better than we could imagine. The featured cadet-athlete, Jordan Mays, saved it and thanked us for the amazing graphic following his graduation from the Air Force Academy. Meanwhile, the recruits ate it up and responded well as it helped them see that deciding to attend Air Force transformed them in more than just football, but also as a man.