Fourth of July

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Fourth of July was approaching. Being a military academy and representing an entire branch of our nations armed forces, Air Force felt that they needed a way to stand out in our celebration. They didn’t want to just put a layer of the American flag over our school’s logo and call it a day. The Falcons wanted to do something that made people stop and take notice when scrolling through their timelines.


We sat down and began brainstorming what images that came to mind when thinking about the Fourth of July. Quickly our minds went to the song America The Beautiful. The idea came quickly together as America The Beautiful originally written by Katharine Lee Bates at the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. It was only an hour drive and overlooked the Air Force Academy. We knew that going to the top of the 14,000′ mountain would be a perfect way to celebrate our nation’s birthday.


Sometimes your best results are when you go through a storm, and that’s exactly what happened. As we were at the top of Pikes Peak, a thunderstorm came in from the west. The storm clouds gave a dramatic background behind The Bird as he held the American flag. Despite the fact that we were holding a metal rod at the highest point and only a few hundred feet from lightening, we did not have anyone struck by lightening.

More importantly, this epic photographic was one of the most viewed and shared pieces of content on our social media account until we won the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy later in the season. For an out of season post, it was a huge success.