Uniform Reveal

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In May, Air Force knew that they were getting new football uniforms that lined up with our first every style guide. We knew that everything needed to be perfect for our 2015 uniform reveal. The players, the fans, the graduates, and the potential recruits needed to buy into to them immediately. We work with the various departments at Air Force to use a 5-prong attack to make sure the uniform reveal went as smoothly as possible.

Press Release

The press release was the written detail that our fans crave and served as a hub on the website to the rest of our content.


The infographic was created to give meaning to our fans about each element of the uniform. We wanted our fans to know that we were making these changes with a purpose and a meaning. This allows them to feel connected to the new uniforms and more accepting of the uniform change. The reaction to this was outstanding.

New Uniform Gallery

The new uniform gallery gives the fans different, close-up images of the uniform and it’s elements.

Historic Gallery

The historic uniforms was to show fans that we have made numerous changes throughout the years to the uniform and that this is just another evolution of Air Force Football.

Uniform Hype Video

We wanted to convey the energy and excitement of the new uniforms with the hype video.